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Performance Marketing


2020 - 2023


Shivan & Narresh

Mobile Premier League (MPL)



Performance creatives are needed to market specific features and products to targeted audiences and these creatives are generally very specific and different form all encompassing brand marketing creatives.


Social Media content

Perfromance marketing


To create video content from concise briefs provided by the marketing team, the real challenge in such videos was to incorporate everything mentioned in the briefs given the limited time allocated for such videos, as the longer the video the longer the marketing spend, so the intent always was to incorporate maximum information in minimum time with most effectiveness.

Advertisement made television promoting the fantasy cricket card app Striker.

Client : Striker

Some performance ads used in social media campaigns for promoting fantasy cricket during the IPL season.

Client : Striker

MPL Partnered with Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders during the IPL season of 2021, These are a few creatives made for increasing engagement and generating a buzz around the partnership

Client : Mobile Premier League

Some creatives made for promotion and launch of new collections released by the duo.

Client : Shivan & Narresh

Customized game-play performance advertisement for a poker card game

Client : Mobile Premier League

Clip from an explainer video for the money savings app tortoise. The video is shared with new users for understanding the new concept.

Client : Tortoise

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