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Brand Marketing


2020 - 2023


Netbramha Studio

Mobile Premier League (MPL)


Brand Marketing content generally revolves around creation of the brand's ideal image in the consumer's mind, rather than promoting a specific service or product brand marketing content I worked on mostly revolved around the brands image as a whole.


Brand Marketing


Brand Marketing work mostly revolved around creating video packaging content like title openers and end-slates which  can be used to package various different kinds of video content. I mostly worked with creative directors directly and came up with the required solutions.

Opener for Google's YouTube trainer program, An interactive tool for cricketers to help them train better.

Client : Netbramha Studios

Endslates for MPL and MPL sports,  the idea is to convey maximum information regarding the brand in minimum time.

Client : Mobile Premier Leugue & MPL Sports

Opener showcasing the idea of MPL app having multiple games.


Client :  Mobile Premier League

Logo animations for a games featured on the MPL app.                                                                                                   Client :  Mobile Premier League

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