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Indian Jersey Reveal




MPL Sports


Art Direction


As the name suggests "The Billion Cheers Jersey" has its design based on the concept of various famous chants and moments in the history of the Indian cricket team. The official launch of the jersey was done in Dubai using the Burj Khalifa as the worlds tallest screen.



Market design

Brand Partnership


We were tasked with creating a minute long jersey reveal video with the massive scale of the building in mind. Since the format that would eventually play on the building's projection software was a complete alien domain for me and my team, we hired a technician to help us with creating the video in the required formats. We provided him with storyboards and frame by frame composition guides. My main role was to make the video examples prepared by us are replicated properly and all required video and image assets are shared with the technician.

The Billion cheers jersey being revealed over the Burj Khalifa.

We prepared storyboard mocks to get an idea of the scale, proportions and composition needed for the video.

The Key Visual used to define the design language of the whole campaign.

The red wave is the highlight element from the KV. I animated it to be used more effectively in video content.


The Red animated wave being used in video content.

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