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Underworld Gang Wars


2022 - 2023


Mayhem Studios



UGW is a AAA battle royale mobile game currently being developed by Mayhem Studios in Bangalore. It is the first battle royale game rooted in India, with the locations, vehicles and characters inspired from and representing the Indian aesthetic.

Interaction Design


UI Sound Design


UI/UX Design

Frontend engineering


For UGW I worked closly with the UI/UX team in order to created a motion design system for all the UI features along with splash screens and in game UI animations. Once the motion design language was set we created a similar design system for the UI sounds and music used in the game.


The theme of the game is rivalry between two gangs who fight for control over Dhantara.

Splash screen that appear at the end of a match celebrating victory. The animation and sound are designed to heighten the experience of winning.


Splash screen that appears once a season is concluded, to reveal the winning gang.

The RP ticker animation shows how we had to  consider different  scenarios that would take place  through the users gaming journey.

The blood soaking effect fits well with the games theme and we used a similar transition animation for all major tabs and buttons in the game.

In game UI animations made to convey maximum information with minimum interference  in game play.

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